London and Exeter website designers, specialising in Artists websites.

Ed Warren :: Next Level Lights + portfolio website

[Spring 2015]

Website design and build for Ed Warren CEO of Next Level Lights, a stage lighting, production and design company who work with all sorts of bands all around the world, touring, doing TV and live shows. There is a large amount of content here to showcase so for us it was a matter of presenting this clearly laid out so the content is easily accessible. You hover and click to individual band pages where you can enlarge individual band pics with details of the gigs and events; there is a video page where you can watch a series of live lighting shows and a neat little e-form to contact the company.

Kim Coleman + Artist's portfolio website with CMS

[Autumn 2014]

This website for the Artist Kim Coleman works through navigation from the main home page. All of Colemans projects are represented by a single image on the home page that when hovered over displays further info, and then on selection takes you through to the individual page for that project. Text and images are displayed in the same grid design on the individual project pages. The images can be viewed in closer detail by the implementation of a Lightbox slideshow. This website relies mainly on images and minimal white space to exhibit the works of Kim

David Murphy + Artist's portfolio website with CMS

[Winter 2013]

Diagonal line background effect in CSS3 throughout, the navigation is intuitive, giving the user two navigational options to access the artwork; one, a click-thru slide-show and two, grid-format displaying thumbnails, from which we select and view individual artworks full-size. This is a new font for us and we are using @fontface here to bring in Akzidenz Grotesk Light. There is a hidden jQuery toggle menu option to access ‘bio’ and ‘contact’ information. All duplication of new pages, uploading of images, text content and menu are edit-managed through a CMS interface (content management system).

Isabella Cotier + Illustrator's portfolio website with CMS

[Winter 2013]

Fashion illustrator working with Paul Smith, Gieves and Hawkes, Tank Magazine, Volt Magazine, Poplin, Dash Magazine, O Tank Magazine and Grit Magazine. Energetic, Punky imagery and a lot of it presented to the user immediately. The menu sits at the bottom of the images, and reveals sub-menus on hover. Clicking on a project title from the menu leads you to the individual project page documenting artwork carried out at a particular event or for a particular agency. To ensure a quick way to explore the large amount of work exhibited on this website the user simply has to hover over the thumbnails on the individual project pages to view the larger images. Video work is embedded from Vimeo.

Isobel Wohl + Artist's portfolio website

[Winter 2013]

Portfolio website displaying artwork in this case surprisingly small-scale oil paintings, and it was this appreciation of size which we wanted the website to communicate. Coded in HTML5, CSS3 and some neat jQuery, a click and slide horizontal image slide-show presents these miniatures to us in a large-scale and close-up format showing the detail, the canvas textures, surface texture of the wall behind, strings of canvas thread which reveal the actual size of these paintings to us. The font used here is Helvetica Neue. We have some basic ‘about / contact / events’ pages, a focus on white-space throughout; simplicity of design to show off the artwork.

Eleanor Rose + Illustrator's portfolio website

[Winter 2013]

A responsive portfolio web-app for illustrator Eleanor Rose in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. We enter this site through a splash-page into a minimal and elegant presentation in white-space; a click through slide-show of Rose's portfolio is provided by a jQuery plugin, another jQuery slide opens a drop-down menu navigation; as requested in the design brief, we are using this rather austere Tahoma font here to counterpoise and set a balance against the expressively scrawled vibrancy of Rose's work.

Tani + Musician's website

[Autumn 2013]

A minimalist navigation using jQuery fade opens up individual sections presenting three types of artwork; music, video and still photography. A floating pop-up 'ABOUT' section is available throughout the site on click. An as-minimal-as-humanly-possible animated music player with progress bars allows users to enjoy Tani's music; images appear on hover and embedded videos stream from Vimeo opened in a light-box. We are using the latest HTML5 audio tags.

The Hylas Project

[Autumn 2013]

A full-screen slide-show allows users to navigate via click and show a number of images, embedded videos and audio which follow a particular narrative. We are using the latest HTML5 video and audio tags.

Philipp Humm + Creative Director's Website

[Autumn 2013]

This is a portfolio website made for Creative Director Philipp Humm; displaying examples of his work, both still photography and moving image. We are using jQuery slide to animate the menu, CSS3 to rotate the text and we have embedded videos directly from Vimeo.

George Woolfe + Artist's Website

[Summer 2014]

George Woolfe is an Installation Artist based in London. We created an ultra-minimal website which is navigated from a computer basic drop-down option selection box at the top left of each page. The user can choose an artwork to view by selecting it from the navigation box. The user then has the option of clicking on the page itself to scroll through the slideshow of images or to use the tiny arrows at the bottom of the slideshow. Take a look for yourself and visit the site.

Flatness + Archive Project

[Summer 2013]

Video screening and archive website utilising lists format with drop-down image and text, full-screen videos, video and image slideshows, in-line text pages and PDF printout.

Mar Franklin + Artist's Website

[Spring 2013]

Mar Franklin is a visual artist based in London, working in sculpture, multi-media and painting. The home page of contains all of Franklins work on the one page and is navigated by a vertical jQuery click and slide. You are presented with a screen full of thumbnails of Franklin's artworks which gives an overall feel of the attitude of her work. You can open up individual thumbnails into large detailed images of each art work that navigate horizontally following the sliding design of the home page. The Project pages presents a mixture of well set out images and text.